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Vogue Lithium


The Lithium Vogue comes as standard with a 10Ah Lithium battery, a super lightweight battery box weighing just 3 kg, making it extremely easy to carry to your charging point. There is also the option of the Endurance 21Ah Lithium battery box option, for even longer distances. The Lithium Vogue is a wonderfully comfortable and fashionable scooter with all-round suspension on the front and the back which provides a smoother, and more comfortable ride. The Lithium Vogue can be disassembled into five parts in just 30 seconds which aids with lifting and ensures a quick and safe lift into and out of your car. The shallow floor plate offers great legroom for even the taller users giving a comfortable ride for all. Another detail is the secure-grip delta handlebar, which gives you full control over manoeuvring the scooter. The Vogue features an accessible battery pack which is simple to remove so you can move it to different charging locations. Also a second charging port is located in the tiller which allows for easy access when disassembling is not needed. The scooter also has a powerful LED light, ideal for low light driving conditions.

Please note the Lithium Battery cannot be fitted onto a standard Vogue scooter which has already had Lead-acid battery’s installed.