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Minimo +


Experience everyday.

The same compact size and simple folding design as the award winning Minimo, plus features normally only found on much larger scooters, making Minimo Plus the perfect way to experience everyday.

A smoother, more comfortable ride and greater capability over more challenging terrain is achieved with larger pneumatic tyres and uprated electronics. The lithium battery pack is so lightweight it can be lifted with just one finger. Travel up to 10 miles per charge with the standard battery, accepted for air travel or upgrade to the long range battery for increased range up to 12 miles per charge.

Additional features such as integrated front and rear LED lights and quick release seat come as standard. Use of strong but lightweight carbon fibre and aluminium for the frame keeps weight to a minimum without compromising any of the benefits.

Specification                      Metric         Imperial
Length                                 96cm            37.5″
Width                                  54cm             21″
Folded Dimensions         47.5x88x54cm  17.5×34.5×21″
Height                                98cm           38.5″
Tiller down and seat removed
                                          87″               32″
Seat Width
                                         40cm            15.5″
Battery Pack Weight
                                        3kg               6.5lbs
Total Weight                30kg            64lbs
Wheel & Tyre Size
Front                             17cm          6.5″
Rear                              23cm         9″
Battery                        Lithium   24v 11.5ah
Motor                         4-Pole 270watt
Max Speed
Up to                         6kph             4mph
Up to                        16km             12miles
Max Carry Capacity    115kg    18stone