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Quickie 500 (Q500) Rear wheel drive



Width – 64cm
Length – Max 118cm
Seat width – 38 – 56cm
Seat Height – 41.5 – 49cm
Seat Depth – 40 – 56cm
Backrest Height – 44 -56cm
Back recline – 90′ – 150′
Turning radious – 95cm
Max range – 40km
Speed – 6 & 8 kmph (standard); 10 & 13 kph (optional)
Max safe slope – 10′
Max kerb climb – 8cm without / 10cm with kerb climber
Electronics – VR2, R-Net controller, lights & indicators
Max user weight – 160kg (25 stone)
Colours – Black with optional colour wheel inlays: white, black, orange, red, green, blue

The QUICKIE Q500 R rear-wheel drive wheelchair is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an easy to handle and intuitive drive. The drive wheel position makes it a great choice for indoor use, as it is responsive and has a compact chassis that offers a tight turning circle. All of these features combined with the benefits of the highly adjustable and fully configurable SEDEO PRO seating and the most advanced controls make the Q500 R the perfect powered wheelchair for any adventure.
• Ultra-reliable high torque 4-pole motors
• All-Round Suspension with both drive wheels are connected by a pivot bar
• Delivers an easy to handle and intuitive drive due to the drive wheel position
• Batteries 60 Ah, 80 Ah (optional)
• Max. user weight 160 kg
• Increased comfort and enhanced outdoor performance vs. Q500 Midi